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Online marketing has become an integral part of the marketing mix and its complexity has greatly increased. Significant transformations have changed the relationship between customer and supplier, so communicating is best evolved along with it.


Websters is happy to help you navigate through this intricate landscape by offering targeted training. Take the training yourself, or with your colleagues, and take control of your own marketing.

  Tailored trainings

For beginners & intermediates

 Marketing from A to Z

Discover our trainings below.



By investing in quality and diverse training, you can position your company as a leader in your industry and also ensure sustainable growth over the long term.


In addition, you will excite your employees and give them valuable skills. And that is invaluable in today's war for talent.


Our experienced marketers, who themselves perform hands-on marketing and sales tasks at many different companies, are therefore happy to share their experience, tips and techniques.

If you pay our time, you might as well sit next to us.

Marketing Basics training


For powerful marketing, you need good foundations to start with. Do you recognize the feeling of knowing what needs to be done, but not quite how to do it? Or how to set your priorities for marketing actions?


If you are struggling to get out of the starting blocks of marketing or are stuck in a specific area due to a lack of knowledge, Websters is ready to teach you the essential skills of marketing.


We'll teach you the right focus on those initiatives that will impact your bottom line and teach you how to build a strategy, put it on paper and finally, execute it.

Relevant training courses: Marketing strategy, Basic marketing, Introduction in digital marketing

Digital marketing tools


Digital expertise makes your marketing a lot more efficient. Making sure your business is findable online is one of the core issues in the digital landscape of marketing today. 


Of course, you need to know how to influence that findability correctly and which channels to target.


We'll train you and your team in search engine optimization (SEO), show you how to best leverage key digital channels and provide other tools that can help significantly increase your online visibility and reach.

Relevant training courses: SEO, Chat GPT, Meta Business Suite, Google My Business, Emailmarketing, Social proof

Digital tools
Search Engine Advertising icon


It's easier to give your people the technical skills to start PPC (pay per click) campaigns on their own than it is to bring all the content knowledge of your business to an agency like ours.


We train you, or your people, in such a way that you can either work with the advertising channels yourself or we make sure you have the knowledge to brief and challenge an external partner on what you expect in terms of inbound marketing.

Relevant training courses: Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping

Public speaking icon


Marketing serves sales.

At Websters, we strongly believe that every marketing action should be measurable and should be reducible to an increase in your bottom line. Even a brand book has an effect on sales. The trick is finding, unraveling and leveraging that effect.


For real enthusiasts, we also offer call days or a cold call course.


Relevant training courses: Sales 101, Cold calling, Objection handling, Callday coaching

Sales-public speaking
Sociale media
Sociale media icon


Social media has become a big part of marketing and continues to evolve. You can easily reach your target audience through these channels, communicate your brand identity and encourage interaction with your brand.


Actively managing your social media channels creates trust and credibility with both existing and potential customers. You need to rise above the crowd and you can only do so by incorporating authenticity, honesty and transparency into your communications.


We provide training in selecting the right social media channels, adapting communications to different platforms, creating content, to even advertising on social media and integrating pixels on your website. In short, everything to optimize your community building and conversions online.


Relevant training courses: Content planning, Content creation, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Social media advertising

Analytics icon


Modern marketing relies heavily on data and its analysis. Training in this field will enable you to effectively collect, analyze and interpret data to make informed decisions. This helps to optimize marketing strategies and understand customer behavior.

Websters is happy to take you through the complex world of data and provide you with the necessary tools to analyze the traffic on your website and social media in accordance with current legislation.

Relevant training courses: GTM, GA4, Piwik PRO, Cookiebot, Osano

  • What are the employment conditions?
    As an expatriate, you are on the payroll of Websters, which is a Belgian incorporated company: Standard benefits package Market-compliant salaries Company car Hospitalization insurance Group insurance Furthermore Websters takes care of immigration services Websters takes care of visa administration. Websters supports the getting-started period with housing and transportation services. Belgian tax rules apply. Websters takes out an additional health insurance. Employee benefits from the same social protection as EU residents. This includes 13th and 14th month of salary (extra salary for summer holiday and the end-of-the-year period). In Belgium, the salaries are coupled to the index. So when there is inflation, the salaries automatically adjust to the inflation % on a yearly basis.
  • What does the Belgian IT landscape have to offer?
    Belgium ranks among the Top 5 for ICT & business skills according to Harvard Business Review Belgium has a universal and free higher education system which renders it as one of the highest ranking countries in education and mathematics. Belgium ranks among the TOP 5 most productive countries in terms of GDP per capita per hour work. This means work of our collaborators needs to be efficient and effective. Belgium is located at the crossroad between the Nordic Scandinavian and Southern mentality; a mix between efficiency and people oriented. “Belgians are more do-ers than talkers”.
  • What is the standard of living in Belgium?
    Belgium is a relatively small country in the heart of Western Europe with approx. 12 million residents. Belgium has excellent health care and the average life expectancy of its inhabitants is 82 years. Furthermore, Belgium offers: Excellent education ranking High level of social protection High level of equality High level of wealth accumulation (11th in global ranking on average wealth and in 2023 first in median wealth).
  • Who is Websters?
    Websters is a digital agency specializing in IT consultancy and marketing consultancy. Websters started off in 2010 under the name ThinkerIT and rebranded in 2017 as Websters. Websters commercializes its BINARTA platform for mobile website development. Websters has a strong entrepreneurial spirit where customer care, brutal honesty and teamwork form the backbone in our daily work activities.
  • Where is Websters located?
    Websters is rooted in Leuven in the center of Belgium. Leuven is a thriving university city characterized by a high standard of living, the highest level of innovation and known as an attractive small-scale city with 60 000 inhabitants and 42 000 students. Leuven as well as Belgium has an active and multicultural community.
  • What customers does Websters serve?
    CORPORATE & GOVERNMENT The corporate and governmental market drive the large scale IT projects and is in constant need of IT consultancy. Websters supports these projects with IT consultancy by experienced multi-talented collaborators. Typical assignments range from 3 months up to multi-year projects. Key is that Websters is a good matchmaker in efforts to pursue satisfaction of both customer and collaborator satisfaction. SME TECH COMPANIES Websters delivers marketing services to Flemish SMEs. This is a good stepstone for SMEs seeking both short and long term IT consultancy. Websters is in a good position to serve SME in different ways. START- & SCALE UPS The KU Leuven University along with other Belgian universities are a strong catalyst for medtech and fintech start-ups. There is a strong high-tech ecosystem in the triangle between Leuven, Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Aachen (Germany). Websters finds a good cultural fit in this region.
  • What is an IT Consultant?
    The basis of IT consultancy is that a service provider company delegates specialized IT profiles to its customers. This can be for corporate or government assignments, in both short and long term contracts. Traditionally there is a growing demand for IT developers, in both corporate and public sectors. Consultants benefit from social protection as they are employed by consulting firms, and at the same time, they have the flexibility to work in companies and on projects that correspond to their preferences.
  • What is Websters IT consultancy activity?
    The goal for Websters’ IT consultancy activity is to scale it towards a premium and first-tier digital agency. The focus is on IT development consultancy. Our services incorporate premium care towards both our customers and our collaborators. Special attention towards performance development and managing suitable assignment matches.
  • How can I join the Websters Team?
    Wie? IT developers with strong technical skills and a team-oriented character Recruitment process Step 1. Upload CV on Step 2. Candidate interview Step 3. Technical assessment Step 4. Contract
  • Do I need a work visa to come and work in Belgium?
    Free access for all EU residents For Non-EU residents Work permit by sponsor company Residence permit For Non-EU dependants Dependant visa Can automatically work in Belgium Validity for 1 year, then extra application for 3 years. After 5 years, possibility to apply for permanent residence. Websters takes care of visa administration. The time required for visa administration and relocation varies. On average, take into account the following timelines: Apply for work permit & residence permit (approx. 4 to 8 months), possibly dependant on visa application Relocation and getting started in Belgium (circa 1 month)
  • What are typical IT programmer profiles for consultancy?
    Tyical medior and senior profiles but Websters also offers a platform for bright starters. Key is that the consultants deliver the quality. Therefore Websters is home for top talent. Common business technologies Backend: Java, C# .NET, Node.js Frontend: AngularJS, React, jQuery, TypeScript Cloud: AWS, Azure Trends in the Belgian market AI Blockchain Security Cloud


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