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A new star at Websters: Femke Leukemans

A few weeks ago, Femke Leukemans joined our Websters team. She has successfully completed her academic journey and is now ready to apply her knowledge and skills in practice. In 2021, Femke earned her bachelor's degree in Media and Entertainment Business (Thomas More), after which she also earned a master's degree in Communication Studies. On Sept. 18, she officially joined as the newest Webster.

"After taking theoretical courses in high school for six years, I decided to pursue my studies in a creative direction," Femke says. "Soon I developed a huge passion for videos, photos and social media. When Corona arrived in 2020, I decided to take a chance and use my own social media to the fullest. Meanwhile, three years later, I hit the 60,000 follower mark on TikTok. During my internships, at WeLikeYou and NRJ, I already got my first taste of the marketing and media landscape, which triggered me tremendously. So I also knew pretty quickly that I wanted to go in this direction."

"I would describe myself as a driven and curious person, and that fits perfectly with Websters' approach. After all, they offer the opportunity for continuous learning and training. I have only just arrived here, but I really feel that I can develop myself here, try new things and further develop my talents. I am totally ready to embark on this new adventure!"

We look forward to what the future will bring with Femke, and in case you are not following her yet (chances are slim), here is the link to her TikTok:


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