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In the world of marketing, looking ahead is the key to success. As we close the doors of 2023 behind us, we turn our gaze to the trends coming our way in 2024.

1. Video content becomes even more indispensable 

In 2024, the message is clear: those who want to stand out and make an impact must be guided by a strong video strategy. Understanding the power of visual storytelling, will become crucial for brands striving for growth and engagement in the digital arena. Social media channels will offer even more tools to engage users in creating, sharing and experiencing video content. The variety of formats will continue to increase, from short and informative videos to longer, in-depth stories, and interactive, user-generated content.

2. Focus on increasing conversions

In the coming year, conversions will continue to guide effective targeted advertising. For companies, this means a continued focus on optimizing user experiences on both websites and social media platforms. Usability and attractiveness are the keywords. Websites should be intuitive, easy to navigate, and most importantly, aimed at prompting action. Similarly, on social media platforms, the emphasis will be on creating engaging content that attracts attention, in addition to provoking further action.

Companies that transform their websites and social media channels into engaging and conversion-oriented experiences will be winners in 2024!

3. Growth of social media shopping 

The landscape of e-commerce has shifted to the platforms where people spend the most time. Social media channels are no longer just a place for interaction, but also for instant purchases. This evolution allows consumers to go from inspiration to purchase instantaneously, without leaving the platform for even a second. It is a shift to a more personalized shopping experience.

For brands, this also means shifts in their marketing strategies. It is no longer just building brand recognition, but also driving direct sales.

Advertentie van Bedtime voor de Black Week van 2023 op Instagram
Advertentie op Facebook van Bedtime over de stockverkoop van de winter 2023.

4. Artificial intelligence gets even more intelligent 

It is no surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) has had a revolutionary impact on the media landscape last year. Just think of ChatGPT, Adobe's AI capabilities, AdCreative and DALL-E. This is expected to be no different in 2024. However, we no longer blindly adopt full sentences from ChatGPT or other AI tools, but rather use it as an inspiration tool. Nevertheless, artificial intelligence will continue to evolve.

5. Hybrid marketing

2024 is seen as the transition year to hybrid marketing. In modern society, consumers are active both online and offline. Hybrid marketing combines traditional marketing methods, such as print advertising and events, with digital strategies, such as social media, e-mail marketing and search engine optimization. The relevance of hybrid marketing lies in its ability to reach and engage a wider audience.

In short, hybrid marketing is relevant because it provides flexibility in a dynamic marketing landscape and allows companies to adapt to changing consumer needs and preferences. It is therefore strongly recommended that hybrid marketing be embraced by 2024.

6. Change in privacy laws

It's been a while coming, but as of Jan. 2, 2024, Google Chrome will also stop supporting third-party cookies. These cookies are set by domains other than the one you are actually visiting, such as Facebook or TikTok, for example. The information obtained through these cookies is often used to tailor targeted ads to you.

Browsers such as Firefox and Safari have long discontinued support for this functionality, which means we now have to place even more emphasis on first-party cookies. First-party cookies are small text files placed on the visitor's system to track activity on a specific website or domain, i.e. cookies from the domain you are visiting. These first-party cookies are retained, so you are still able to collect personal data about your visitors through your own domain.

Want to know more about marketing or how to take charge of your marketing? Feel free to contact us and we'll go over the possibilities.


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