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Websters welcomes Chayenne

Starting this week, we have new talent in our office: Chayenne, our new intern!

Chayenne will join our team through the end of May 2024 as part of her graduate studies in Digital Design. After completing her bachelor's degree in Marketing, she did not feel quite ready to take the step towards working life and chose to further develop her design skills at PXL Hasselt.

Websters verwelkomt Chayenne

"Before I started looking for an internship, I knew very well where I wanted to end up," she says. "I was looking for a consulting firm where I could be involved in various projects for a variety of clients, with the goal of learning as much as possible. So I took my chance at Websters. A few months later, my internship could begin."

"Back in high school, my fascination with photo and video editing began, and later, during college, web design added to it. So not only do I spend a lot of time doing this during school hours, but I also have a good time doing it outside of school. The Websters team is a team that shares this passion and I look forward to building my skills with them.”

"I am someone who likes to discover new things and continually want to learn. With all the knowledge that exists within the Websters team and the opportunities they offer me, I am convinced that I am in the right place here. I am therefore very much looking forward to this learning experience and working with this fantastic team."


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