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Creating a content calendar usually takes some time, but it is a sustainable piece of work that will save you a lot of time in the long run. Moreover, it gives you structure, makes your social media management more efficient and ensures that you don't miss any important topics. In this article, we outline the key advantages which might persuade you to begin using a content calendar.

1. Structure and organization

With a content calendar, the era of last-minute meetings to determine what to post or not is now a thing of the past. You can get organized well in advance and have a handy overview of scheduled posts for the near future. With this, you're always on time gathering visual elements, coming up with captions and asking for approval.

2. You no longer miss important events

“OH NO! We forgot to post our Christmas wishes!!!", won't happen again. In your content calendar, you can plan all the important (holi)days in advance so that you always have something ready during holidays. The calendar provides an overview of which days are interesting and when you will communicate about them.

3. Collaboration has never been easier

For teams responsible for social media, a content calendar provides a centralized view that facilitates collaboration. Everyone can see in one spot what content is planned and what changes or additions are needed. Asking for feedback from the right people is also much smoother this way. Moreover, you avoid multiple posts appearing at the same time and avoid duplication of effort.

4. Taking a strategic approach

Do you also occasionally advertise on social media? With a content calendar, you can tailor your posts to specific goals and set a timing so that organic posts run nicely in sync with your ads. Whether it's to increase engagement, promote products or attract additional followers, you can tailor your strategy to your overarching goals. You can also align your posts with ongoing or planned promotions that are already lined up.

5. Apply consistency with a healthy dose of variety

A content calendar helps you maintain a regular and reliable flow of posts, keeping your brand in the minds of your audience. You can prepare your visuals so that they coordinate nicely with other content and so that they represent your brand's identity nicely. Being consistent in this is extremely important. But definitely vary in terms of themes and topics. Be sure to add an extra post when there is something to announce or an important piece of news.

6. Assurance that your social media won't die out

This is a common thing among businesses. It's fun to create a social media account, but once a few posts are sent out into the world and time starts running out, their social media activity stops as quickly as it was started. A content calendar helps you prevent this phenomenon and makes sure you don't lose track of posting. Do you work with additional tools to schedule content? Even better, you can schedule everything a month in advance, saving you valuable time that would otherwise be spent brainstorming fun posts on-the-spot.

7. Efficient analysis using your content calendar

And of course, let's not forget the measurable side of things! You can easily look back on which content was most effective and which communication strategies worked best.

So many benefits!!!

Do you also want to create a content calendar, but don't know how to get started? Feel free to schedule a strategic meeting with us to train you on it. Managing social media will be smoother than ever!


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