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It was special to get together with the Websters team after many months of working from home through corona. For some colleagues, it was a reunion after more than a year! The location proved to be a hit. It was pleasant to be aboard the ReBoot/Kombuis docked off the Manhattan on the Leuven Vaart.

Looking backward and forward

In the late afternoon, the Websters crew gathered. During the team meeting, we looked back together on the entire corona period, both in terms of company performance and personal experience. Arto and Rob guided us through the presentation and team interactions. Together we discussed our itinerary for the fall and the years to come. Websters has weathered the corona period quite well and there is a growth path ready for 2022 and 2023.

Apero on the sunny deck

IMeanwhile, the life partners of our crew members also arrived on the deck of the boat. For most it was a happy reunion and for the others a pleasant acquaintance. The evening sun and light breeze provided a beautiful setting to kick off the weekend in style. Birte Kooken and team served drinks for the entire crew. An ideal prelude to tasty, fresh gastronomy in the boat.

The stove in the galley

In the ship's hold, chef Kris Vallons navigated us through the fish menu he prepared in the galley. Slow-cooked mackerel, crisp-fresh langoustines and plaice passed on our plate. With sabayon to finish. In short, it was delicious! We enjoyed and talked at length until late in the evening. Thanks to Birte and Kris from ReBoot/Kombuis! And of course Luk Collet for the beautiful photos.


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