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Websters is building for the future. Today we introduce Arto Vera, who joined our team a few weeks ago. He makes sure that everyone at Websters is played out in the strongest possible way while following up on projects and administration.

Arto graduated in June as a Business Engineer (KU Leuven) in which he focused on strategy, innovation and marketing. He finds these aspects at Websters, where he had an internship last summer. On June 28, we welcomed Arto on board at Websters as Operations Manager.

“I found a great match at Websters with my own interests," says Arto. "In my bachelors, I chose a major in marketing, where I learned more about consumer behavior and data analysis for marketing. I also chose a number of courses on business strategy. I continued that line in my master's degree. I took the major in technology and entrepreneurship and the minor in international business, strategy and innovation. In my duties at Websters, this knowledge comes in very handy."

"During my studies, I found my way to the Leuven LCM Student Association. Here students learn techniques for negotiation and mediation through interactive workshops. During a first year, I immersed myself in the subject matter and participated in a mediation competition at UHasselt. Afterwards, I joined the board of the association. I took on the final responsibilities of marketing, social media and the newsroom. This is how we attracted new members and gave a fun behind-the-scenes insight. In this creative context, I learned many insights that stood me in good stead at Websters."

"In the following two years, I became responsible for the content and practical aspects of the weekly workshops. I also became vice president, where I learned how best to manage a team and how to use everyone's qualities efficiently. I took on various challenges, such as mediation competitions of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, case competitions and business games. This gave me the opportunity to build some skills that you don't learn on the classroom benches."

"Websters is right up my alley. I'm happy with the multifaceted challenges I get stuck into. I coordinate the activities of our marketing colleagues, such as Sam Verhaegen and Rob Snoeijs, and ensure the necessary structure in the processes. I also help to draw out and shape the strategy. I also perform marketing tasks myself here and there. It is very exciting to work with the team to make a difference for our customers."

"Together with the brilliant minds and tons of experience already present at Websters, I hope to start a new, wonderful chapter. Digitization offers countless opportunities for companies to better present themselves to customers. Yet many people experience the new technologies as overwhelming and confusing. Websters is ready to efficiently deploy the right resources to help companies achieve their goals. Excellent service is the mission, we won't settle for less."


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